What you see is what you get…
Just don’t look too closely.

Welcome to Hans Brinker, quite honestly not the best but definitely the most memorable hostel in Amsterdam. At the Hans Brinker Hostel you get what you pay for, and because you don’t pay much you won’t get: a swimming pool, room service, pick-up service, honeymoon-suites, a gym, tiny bottles of shampoo, a spa-bath or bellboys in silly hats. What you will get is: cheap rooms, a restaurant, a bar, a club, 24-hour reception and 500 beds all conveniently located smack bang in the hot-blooded, fast pumping heart of Amsterdam.

The Hans Brinker Hostel is nestled between the iconic canals of Amsterdam; an easy 10 minute walk to the famous red-light district and a 5 minute walk to the entertainment area around Leidseplein and the iconic museums at Museumplein.

Reaching the hostel by public transport is easy: take tram 1, 2 or 5 from Amsterdam Central Station and exit approximately 10 minutes later at tram-stop Keizersgracht.

The Hans Brinker Hostel is equipped to accommodate individuals, backpackers and groups (students, scholars, overly enthusiastic sports, etc.). The hostel offers single, twin, triple rooms and dorms that sleep up to 8 people. Each room has a private bathroom and closets where you can stash your personal belongings.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at the spacious common area. There is a bar and an underground club, which is open every night till late (yes, all days ending in Y). Free WIFI-access is available in the common areas for social media junkies and people who need to access “Find My iPhone”.
Hans Brinker knows Amsterdam like the back of our bike saddle and we can hook you up with tickets to lots of Amster-dam-awesome activities & attractions, public transport tickets, bike rental, boat tours and a ton of other great deals.



Now with less furniture,
more room for group hugs
and floor wrestling.


The Hans Brinker Hostel welcomes groups of all shapes and sizes; students, sports teams and any other kind of pack related activities. Only bachelor parties will have a hard time entering our property; we don’t accept them in our hostel. Hans Brinker offers dorms and individual rooms (perfect for supervisors/ teachers and responsible adults for example). Hans Brinker can also arrange group deals for meals, drinks, club-nights, tours and tickets.

For groups who are looking for some evening fun but don’t want to go too far we offer club-nights in our very own basement club. This is the perfect place to drink and dance the night away without having to worry about navigating your way home in the wee small hours. For questions, group-rates (with a minimum of 25 people) and reservations, please send an e-mail to


We are here. Your bag will be here.
You will probably be somewhere else.


Just like a limo
but even bigger.

Take bus 170 or 172 from Amsterdam Central, get out at Leidseplein and then walk 7 minutes to Kerkstraat. Look for the big yellow sign ‘HOTEL’ and you’ve found us.

A really long
limo on rails.

From Amsterdam Central Station take tram 1, 2 or 5. Get out at stop Keizersgracht. Take the first street left (Kerkstraat). After 100 metres you will see the big yellow sign ‘HOTEL’. That’s it!


An even longer
limo on rails.

You can take the train from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station (€ 4,10 2nd class, one way). From Amsterdam Central Station take tram 1, 2 or 5. Get out at  stop Keizersgracht. Take the first street left (Kerkstraat). After 100 metres you will see the big yellow sign ‘HOTEL’. That’s it! 

The shortest yet most expensive limo.

Take a ride more expensive than your entire stay. Direct your budget chauffeur to Kerkstraat 136-138 (€35-45 departing from Schiphol Airport).




07:30 – 10:00
17:00 – 18:00
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The best of the worst


Average tips about an amazing city.

  • Midwinter magic in a midlife crisis

    After 45 years of Hans Brinker Hotel, It’s time for the next step in the relationship from Hans Brinker with our guests. Hans Brinker is not just a hotel, you know. It’s a way of life. And it’s time that the world gets to know Hans Brinker like it should be known. The party palace in Amsterdam, the worst and therefor the best thing that has happened to Amsterdam tourists, a grimy place filled with stories and sleep deprivation, happiness and hangovers, puke and pillow fights. So let us tell you something about Hans:

    Hans Brinker has turned 45 years old, this year. The time the midlife crisis kicks in. We can look back on a very productive year where so many things have changed. To experience our second youth and feel young again, we made some major changes. We hired new staff, got a new bar and partied like teenagers. We drank so many Heinekens that we could barely walk, and fell asleep in the club in the basement. But besides all the partying, we worked very hard. We travelled to Lisbon to get our sister company up and running, made it fit right in the Lisbon life, without losing it’s true Brinker identity.

    But we’re still not ready to grow up, no. Fortunately for us, there are still many parties to catch up on. Let’s start by mentioning the best party in the worst hotel to start 2016 with.

    New Year’s Eve has always been epic in our hotel, and this year will be no different. We stocked our basement with many bottles of champagne, so that will probably be enough to host some crazy party people.

    Besides that, New Year’s in the Netherlands is something you won’t find easy to forget. Every person in Holland can, and will buy fireworks. Streets are filled with people lighting them, while drinking champagne. What could possibly go wrong? All we know is that Amsterdam is one of the best places in the world to celebrate NYE, and Brinker is the best place in Amsterdam to celebrate NYE. Not to mention the cheapest.

    Once 2016 is wildly heralded; it’s time for some New Year’s resolutions. As you all know, Hans Brinker can host amazing parties: We’re brutally honest, cheerful and generous. So our resolution is that 2016 will be an even better year when it comes to partying. In Amsterdam and in Lisbon! Keep an eye on this website for more info on that.

    So if you have any party plans, questions or thank-you-notes: don’t hesitate to contact us on social media! Use the #Brinkerstyle, and we will automatically wake up from our hangover nap to answer your question, or party with you in the basement. 2016 will be wild ladies and gentlemen; don’t forget to celebrate it in Brinkerstyle!


  • Hans Brinker’s top things to do this February in Amsterdam

    February: a month mostly associated with cold weather and sitting inside the house. But you really shouldn’t stay inside! February is a great month to explore Amsterdam. There are many reasons to leave our cozy hostel and explore the Dutch capital, even if you have to affront a bit of cold and rain. Therefore we want to share our top things to do this February in Amsterdam with you!

    Of course, Valentine day is almost here, so we will share some romantic tips (if you hate the romantic crap, scroll down for a more general to-do list):

    – What better way to spend Valentine’s day in Amsterdam, than on a romantic boat? Take a trip on the Love Boat and see the pretty city passing by while enjoying a 4 course dinner with your lover.
    – Nice to do on Valentine’s day, or any other day: see a movie at Tuschinski. This beautifully decorated theatre makes whatever movie you’re watching extra special.
    – Feel like you should do something more crazy on Valentine’s in Amsterdam? Get married for a day! Get yourself in a dress & suite, get a ceremony, and get many pictures. Best part: after 24 hours there are no strings attached at all. Available in different languages.

    ice skating by roman bood

    If you don’t have a lover to cuddle up to or want to stay away from all things romantic, there’s still loads to do. Here are our favorite things to do this February in Amsterdam:
    – Visit the festival 24H Oost; a great way to explore Amsterdam like a local! On the 14th and 15th of February, you can explore everything that makes the east side of Amsterdam such a unique and wonderful place. Eat, drink, follow workshops, listen to music and walk around this lively area. Check out the program here.
    – If you’re up for a good party, go to the Wonderland Festival on Saturday the 14th. 16 Ours long of partying in an old factory, in an atmosphere that tries to resemble Alice’s (yes, the one of Wonderland) world.
    – After a night of partying you might want to do something cultural, but probably nothing too heavy. The Tropenmuseum is perfect for this. If you thought selfies are a new phenomenon, they’ll prove you wrong. At the exhibition ‘Look at Me’ selfies from the 19th century till now, from all over the world, are shown.
    – Spring isn’t far away, but we still have a whole month of cold to enjoy. No better way to enjoy it, than to try your ice-skating moves at the Museumplein! Don’t forget to bring your camera to take some epic pictures with the Iamsterdam-sign in the background. Find more info here.
    – Afterwards, warm up with a nice cup of hot chocolate, next to a fireplace. For example at Hanneke’s Boom, which you can find right next to the Central Station.
    – Dutch food is truly comfort food, which is best eaten in wintertime. Don’t leave Amsterdam without trying one of the Dutch mash-specialties for a good price at ‘t Stamppotje.

    Enjoy February foaks! And let us know which of our tips you’ve enjoyed most…


  • Call Me Victor

    Hey! Pssst. Yes, you there! You probably don’t know me yet, but if you’ve been in the hostel recently you might’ve seen me dragging around your dirty sheets in those bulky, iron carts. I might even have bumped into you while you were dragging your hangover ass through our halls. In case I did, my most sincere apologies. Actually, I’ll take those back, since you obviously must’ve been in the way. But let’s skip the formalities and let me introduce myself. My name is Victor, I am the new janitor. I can almost hear you thinking, why is a janitor writing a blog for the worst hostel in the world? Well, you wouldn’t expect the worst hostel to hire a proper writer, now would you. Besides, my colleagues say I’m the worst janitor in the world, so you could call me a good mascot. Since my job lends me the opportunity to not only hear a lot of gossip, but also nose about your dirty laundry, the manager asked me to inform you about all the steamy ins and outs of the hostel. I might also occasionally tip you on some quality activities in Amsterdam, but only if I’m in a good mood.

    Since a couple of days, lady spring is slowly creeping out of the cave she hides in during winter, to make our lovely city even more fantastic by embracing it in sweet rays of sunlight. I’m glad the temperature is rising, since the central heating system’s been rebellious during winter and I was quite tired of repairing it all the time. Call me lazy, but you should see this machine: it’s as old as the earth itself. It only responds to kicks, screaming or multiple whacks with a hammer and even then it sometimes stays disturbingly silent. I hope you can understand my hostility against this oversized teakettle, and if not, well, maybe I’ll skip your room and you can do your own laundry next time.

    But hey, I’m nevertheless in quite the good mood because of those shiny sunbeams, so I’ll tell you about a couple of nice places to go to. First, of course: Vondelpark. It’s our most famous park, and not without reason. It’s big, green and beautiful – everything you want from a park in the middle of the city. It’s like Central Park, but then better, I assure you. It’s great. We have the best park in the world. If you want to go a bit more out of the way, go to the Amsterdamse Bos. It’s the huge forest in the south of Amsterdam where you can have a nice picnic or play a bit of football without disturbing any other park peoples. There’s a lake next to it where you can swim, although doing that now might be a bit enthusiastic for this time of the year. When the sun goes down it can still be slightly chilly, so I’d recommend going to the Tonton Club then: Amsterdam’s biggest game room, with games like pinball, air hockey, Pac-Man and a million other activities. They also sell food and drinks. I’m still banned over some dispute about a bill (I definitely paid it, but the owner thinks otherwise), so please don’t mention my name. Located in the red light district, you’re 100% to have a swell time. In the rare case you don’t, you’re more than welcome to come and file your complaint with me. You can find me at the bar around happy hour, see you at five!

  • autumn is coming

    autumn is coming

    Okay, it might be raining non-stop for two weeks now in Amsterdam, but we’re not ready to give up summer! Not yet! Because there are still so many cool things coming up these next months. Have you checked out the festival of lights? It’s every year in November, and if you go on a canal tour during this evenent, it’s a-ma-zing! Ever been boating underneath an illuminated bridge? Nah, I didn’t think so.

    But before we talk about November, let’s give a round of applause for the month October. You might think that all the festivals in Amsterdam are being held during summer, but the biggest anual dance event is actually in October. ‘Cause you know, rain doesn’t matter when you’re dancing the night away.

    It’s the talk of the town: Amsterdam Dance Event. And we will continue bickering about where to go during these three days, because there are so many options! From October 14th until the 17th, more than 2000 artists are coming to turn the shit up in this city. I’m just gonna drop some names right here: David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, Martin Garrix, Hardwell, and soooooo many more, it’s insane. We’ve got our schedule planned out from day to day already. Starting at Hans Brinker’s Happy Hour ofcourse.

    Speaking of the Hans Brinker bar: have you checked it out already? It’s brand new! There’s more room to dance, jump, run, play beerpong, or do other crazy stuff.

    Now we think about it, we really can’t wait for the next period of time in the Hans Brinker Hotel. We’re going to party like it’s nobody’s business. Care to join? 

    bar brinker ams-0329


  • celebrate summer in amsterdam with brinker’s favorite festivals

    It’s summer time in Amsterdam! Besides sun (we hope), ice popsicles, sun cream and many terraces this means: Festival time!! In total there will be 300 festivals in just Amsterdam this year, so you might feel the pressure of choosing which ones to visit best. We just helped you out a little bit (because sometimes we do like to do that) and listed our favorites below:

    July 19th: Vunzige Deuntjes (Dirty Tunes) Festival

    Festival with a dirty mix of dancehall, hip-hop, house and disco, with plenty of raw and funky sounds to choose from. At Diemerbos.

    July 17th to 19th: Food Truck Festival 

    Eat all you can at this temporary big open air restaurant at the Amstelpark, created by putting many food trucks together.

    July 25th to August 2nd: Gay Pride

    Probably Hollands best known festival (beside Kingsday) World Wide. A lot of pink, a lot of boats, a lot of fun. And gay rights, of course.

    dance valley

    August 1st: Dance Valley

    For the last 20 years the first weekend of August is known as: Dance Valley! As one of the oldest Outdoor Dance festivals in the Netherlands Dance Valley transforms the Velsen Valley in Spaarnwoude in to a true festival experience with the variety of dance styles.

    August 7th to 9th: Why Not Festival

    A beautiful city garden. Bodies in the grass. Art against a blue sky. Dancing until the sun rises again. The Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam Noord forms the stage for contemporary dance performances, art installations, live music, short films, artist-talks, workshops, pop-up performances and parties.

    August 8: Loveland

    One of the biggest dance events held in Holland. Held in beautiful surroundings on a peninsula jutting out into the Sloterplas (lake), the event traditionally features 6 main stages hosting dozens of international stars and the freshest names from the local scene.

    August 14 to 23: Grachtenfestival (Canal Festival)

    Grachtenfestival Amsterdam (‘Canal Festival’) is an annual festival of classical music held at special locations around the centre of Amsterdam. Over a period of ten days, the Grachtenfestival provides a stage for young musical talent, choosing an appropriate and often historical setting for each musical event on or beside Amsterdam’s numerous waterways.

    August 19 to 23: Sail

    Sail Amsterdam is one of the biggest attractions in Amsterdam, cruising into the city every five years; an entire flotilla of tall ships and many other special boats and vessels sail along the River IJ before docking near the city centre.

    We wish you a great summer! 

    This list was made with the help of 



Our answers are mostly right, all the time.



Pancakes, bread and spreads, fruit, coffee, tea, yoghurt, muesli, boiled egg, milk and more.

Tasty fish and chips.

A great source of carbohydrates. In other words; a quality alcohol sponge.

Mexican style tortilla wrap with sweet pepper and kidney beans (chicken or vegetarian).

Heineken beer, wine, softdrinks, cocktails, mixers and shots.

Try our Asian style noodles with marinated chicken, vegetables and 5 spices and soy sauce.

The Famous Brinker Burger with fries and a salad (also vegetarian and XL available).

Chicken Wings, Nachos, Bitterballen, Brinker mix platter, Tapas and more.



A visit to Amsterdam and the Brinker is a lot like climbing Everest, trekking through the Amazon, using Indian public toilets or camping in the Australian outback; your chance of survival is greatly enhanced if you come prepared. With that in mind and the experiences of previous guests we have prepared a list of handy essentials we suggest you bring along on your adventure to the erotic jungles of Amsterdam.


• Earplugs (drunk people snore in surround sound)
• A bag full of breadcrumbs (so you can find your way home
• Oversized novelty sunglasses
• A toothbrush
• Tea bags (No we don’t have PG tips)
• A fake mustache (or a real one would also be ok)
• Spare underpants (This item of clothing is surprisingly easy to lose)
• A toothbrush (we put it on there twice so you don’t forget)
• Condoms
• A light sabre

• A list of pick up lines
• An app that translates above pick-up lines into various languages
• Socks
• Vitamins (not disco vitamins, actual life preserving vitamins)
• Those dissolvable tablets that claim to cure a hangover
• Comfortable shoes (ladies from Britain, this one is for you)
• Deodorant (your roomies will thank you for it)
• An oversized novelty cup
• A magic marker
• That weird hand cleaning jelly (can also be used to clean other body parts)